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The policy adopted by Dave Robertson and Harry Butler towards the development of all staff, but particularly apprentices, has paid dividends over the years.

This policy has paid dividends beyond the shop floor, into the Board Room and Administration. Roblan's executive is successful because it knows and understands the business from the Toolroom through to the Board Room.



Harry Butler was passionate about the apprenticeship system. He was the driving force behind hiring the best prospects and guiding and encouraging them to achieve their best.

This same policy, of selecting the brightest and the best, has been reflected in David, Harry and Ken Robert's policy from the very beginning, where they poured their own life-savings into purchasing the best equipment available.



It is no accident that Roblan Pty Ltd has produced three National Apprentices of the Year, in as many decades, with several others well placed over the years.

This has kept Roblan at the forefront of the Industry in Australia. Indeed Roblan has pioneered the implementation of new technology over the decades.



The climate engendered by Harry on the Toolroom floor has continued, with his proteges passing on their expertise to the next generation of Roblan craftsmen.

Today Roblan Pty Ltd has the proud reputation of having the highest quality tradesmen and craftsmen, working with the best equipment money can buy, to produce the finest quality workmanship this country can deliver.