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Alfred Willis trained as an industrial chemist and founded the company, Moulded Plastics Pty Limited, in 1945.

In 1944 Alfred was elected as the first president of the NSW Plastics Institute.

Alfred played an active role in founding the Plastics Institute of Australia, and was elected its second president in 1947.

Alfred and his wife Gladis had two children , a son Barry and a daughter Lynette.

Robertson & Lansley Pty Ltd made and repaired plastic moulds for Moulded Plastics, and so began the friendship and collaboration between David Robertson, Alfred Willis and Harry Butler.

In 1956 the two companies amalgamated and operated with cross holding in each company.

Robertson and Lansley Pty Limited later became the property holding entity to the business that was registered in 1967 as Roblan Pty Limited.