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Lansley Robertson Butler

David Robertson was born on the 13th January 1925, when the family was living in Nelson Street Annandale. Davidís father, a Master Tailor and Cutter, had his tailoring business in Rozelle. In 1935 they moved to Kentville Avenue.

Following the death of Davidís father, the family moved to Mallet Street Camperdown where Davidís mother acquired a Sandwich Shop through the help of the Wilkinson family.

Davidís father used to visit and speak Galic to old Mrs Wilkinson, and the family appreciated the friendship that was given by the Robertsons.

Mrs Robertson remarried (Jim Dowe) and the Family moved back to Nelson Street.

David and John Lansley were mates and first met in third class at North Annandale Public School. They both attended the Hunter Baillie, as members of the Boys' Brigade.

David started his first job in the office of the Tool Equipment Company. After twelve months in the office he was offered an apprenticeship. As a second year apprentice, Dave began work at British Novelities and was determined that on completing his apprenticeship as a Toolmaker he would establish his own business.

John Lansley who had also completed his apprenticeship in Fitting & Turning worked for a while in partnership with David developing their engineering skills.

The Company, Robertson & Lansley Pty Limited, was registered and incorporated on 26th June 1947.

Lansley Butler