With Jack McParland, Ken ran the company for five months, while Dave Robertson and Harry Butler were overseas on a fact-finding mission.

Ken joined the Society of Manufacturing Engineers in 1967, and from 1970-1990 he was Programme Chairman, and Chapter Chairman, for a one year term, in 1972.

When Ken Arthur retired, in 1980, Ken was offered the directorship of the Moulding Department of Roblan Pty Ltd .

In 1981, Ken spent seven weeks in Japan, with John Willoughby, at Meki, learning the finer points of moulding.

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers conferred Life Membership on Ken in 1998.

Ken retired from Roblan Pty Ltd as an employee in 1992. However, he is still involved as a Director of Robertson and Lansley Pty Ltd .

From 1946 to 1951 Ken undertook an Engineering Trades course in fitting and machining, while working as an apprentice with British Novelties.

Ken commenced employment with Robertson and Lansley in 1951, as a toolmaker, making press tools and plastic moulds.

Late in 1951 he started doing tool design at home, at night, when designs weren't supplied by the customer. Ken began buying shares in the company in 1952.

In 1953 he started estimating on press tools moulds and special purpose machines. The first large job was an element forming machine for the Sunbeam deep fryer.

By 1956 Ken was working full time in the drawing office, designing a range of tools for Sunbeam.

In 1959 Ken did the complete design of jigs and fixtures for Sunbeam's agricultural line.