Roblan's Employment aims are to:
  • Provide security of employment to all employees
  • Encourage and foster trust and loyalty
  • Build a sense of belonging
  • Promote the growth of employee skills and education that will provide the company with production efficiencies and quality improvements
  • Select employees who are in sympathy with the aims of the company.
From its commencement of business in 1947,
Roblan Pty Ltd has prided itself on its employee's history as skilled craftsmen in metal and plastic manufacturing.

The company's strength, to operate efficiency into the future, is based on the continual improvement of your skills, as a
Roblan employee, through committed training and pride in your workmanship. Your efforts and skills make you a valued member of the Roblan organization.

As a valued
Roblan employee, you are expected to show consideration for others. On all occasions when you are in the factory, or representing the company, your behaviour should be directed by common sense and decency.

The Company's Employee Code of Conduct is based on the principle that our actions will have consequences and that we must accept the responsibility that comes from those actions.

Those actions should be directed to the positive promotion of the company and should not bring the company's good name into disrepute.

Roblan's effective control of acceptable employee conduct emanates from clearly stated requirements that are consistently applied and enforced.

Unacceptable conduct:

This list is a guide and in all cases the employee's record and reputation in the company are to be considered. These practices are considered unacceptable, as they destroy trust and create an atmosphere of unease within the Roblan community.

Absenteeism: Continual and repeated absenteeism that is not due to acceptable reasons.

Punctuality: Persistent unexplained lateness to work and / or lateness returning to work after meal breaks.

Property: Stealing or misuse of company property, or property owned by fellow employees. Employees are requested not to leave valuables in accessible places such as change rooms.

Vandalism: Vandalising of company or fellow employees property (including abuse to machinery or ancillary equipment).

Drugs/alcohol: Possession of illegal drugs and/or alcohol within the factory.

Safety: Misuse of any safety equipment by employees.

Lockers: Employees are responsible for lockers that are allotted to them. There must be no loitering, eating or drinking in change or locker rooms.

Canteen: The canteen is for employees' use during meal and rest breaks and should be kept clean at all times.

Litter: It is expected that all employees place any litter in the bins provided throughout the factory and offices. Remember - do the right thing put all litter in the bin.

Discipline: All employees should respect the rights of other employees and not act in a manner considered to be bad mannered: e.g. use of bad language and wilful disobedience of Supervisor's instructions.

Misbehaviour: Fighting or other acts considered unsafe will not be permitted.

Dress: All employees are required to comply with the dress/safety requirements, as stated in the Conditions of Employment.

Smoking: Totally banned within the workplace.

Mobile phones: Employees are not permitted to use mobile phones while operating equipment.