David is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Roblan Pty Limited . He began the Company over fifty years ago, based upon his belief in Australian enterprise and his ability as a skilled toolmaker. David's leadership, his close friendship with his partners and work mates, and his determination to succeed were the foundations upon which the business has flourished.

David was the Founding President of the Australian Toolmaking Association , Past President of the Main Anjou Cattle Breeders Association, and a member of the Australian Metal Trades Association , with whom he has served on numerous committees and Industry Development work groups.

Through David's efforts, the trade of Toolmaking was accepted and approved by the Industrial Commission of New South Wales. Many businesses within the Australian Manufacturing Industry currently employ Roblan trained executives and managers. Their skills and experience are attributable to David Robertson's dedication to properly planned training programmes for all apprentices, trainees and employees.