The Patina range of products is one of Australia's leading innovations in plastic moulding.

For over 30 years the Patina philosophy, of consistently providing quality service, has not changed. This business philosophy is shared by Roblan Pty Ltd, which is why Roblan purchased the Patina business. Roblan's business philosophy is similarly based on long term relationships with our clients, helping them to offer better products to their own customers and growing with their success.

Not only does Roblan offer drafting, tool and product design, prototyping and all toolmaking services, we most importantly provide the traditional ideas of quality and service. Roblan's pride is founded on its ability to deliver on time with consistent, reliable quality.

Price is not everything, but price, quality and service certainly are.

Roblan is unique in its ability to effectively combine custom contract injection moulding with the production of our own products. We have always believed this combination affords us the opportunity and flexibility to deliver product on time as we can effectively combine both production of ex-stock items with the just-in-time requirements of our contract customers.

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